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About LWD

A website is the foundation of all your marketing. Everything else points to it and all your prospective customers will refer to it. What they see will shape their perception of your organisation, so it pays to get the website right and that needs a very experienced team.

We’ve been designing and building websites for fifteen years. Many of them have been to replace previous efforts by less experienced web designers which simply don’t work


First, you need to understand the product or service. Better still, you need to understand the potential buyer or user of that product or service. What are they looking for? What’s important to them? What questions do they need answering? How does the product or compare with its competitors? Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats.

Next you need to assemble a team of skilled web marketing people. If you don’t you’ll just get a functional or pretty website which will operate at a small percentage of its potential. You need coders, web builders, copywriters, designers, and marketing strategists

Now the site needs designing to appeal to its target market and using copywriting which answers their needs.

Then the site needs coding, and time spent on the foundations to inbuild natural search potential. Your site will get a good Google ranking faster if we put some care into this stage as well as optimisation later.

Now it needs building and rigorously testing against all platforms and for all devices from mobiles to tablets and PCs.

What will it cost?

Depends on its complexity but a lot less than an ineffective site which needs redoing. Click here for a free quote.

What site would you like?

We create simple sites, complex sites, multinational sites, e-commerce sites, password protected sites, mobile sites, tablet sites, and every one of them an awesome site.


If you’d like a half hour meet at your offices or ours, there’s no charge. It could be the first stage of you having a website which is a 24/7 salesperson, which repays the investment you made many times over. Fill out the form below and we’ll fix a meet.